Something Blue Bachelorette Party Kit w/Tiara Sash Veil Dare Game Male Dancer Costume

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This Las Vegas bachelorette party is out on the town in the midst of a group of male dancers and an ocean of fun! 

To follow the theme of the spicy story on the inside cover, the bachelorette is treated to a sparkling tiara and a beaded veil that can be just for fun or for the actual ceremony, and accessories perfect for the party!


satin bride-to-be sash in pink/black, with black sequin trim bachelorette party 'dare' game collar/bowtie/cuffs set, which will look GREAT on your next Chippendale wanna-be. Keepsake box (stores discreetly on your bookshelf) Rhinestone tiara 300g/3.5 oz; silver alloy construction (gently bend to fit, or use hairpins if need). Beaded fingertip veil.