Indulgence Novel:  Contents, Tips & Tricks!

Leopard Duotone Kegel Balls:

  • Insert vaginally & wear throughout the day. The discreet love balls stimulate and tone up the pelvic floor muscles while delivering intensely pleasurable ripples of orgasmic delight.  Remove by gently pulling the nylon retrieval cord attached to the balls.
  • Each time you move your body, the balls stimulate the Kegel muscles for maximum toning and training.  Tighter Kegel muscles = stronger orgasms! 
  • For extended arousal slip the pleasure balls inside the vagina during intimate solo play explorations, or as part of your couple’s foreplay fun. To maximize sensitivity and to extend pleasure, always use a quality lube with this toy. 
  • Cleaning: Before and after every use, clean the duotone balls with a toy cleaner spray, or wash them in warm soapy water.
  • Specs:The multi-use pleasure balls measure 1.25”/3 cm in diameter and are made from durable, ABS, with a distinctive leopard skin print finish. The smoothly contoured balls are attached to a strong nylon cord for easy and safe vaginal insertion and retrieval. 

Couples Vibrating Cock Ring :

  • Charges wirelessly via USB plug in.  Allow 1 hour to fully charge.
  • Slide ring over erect penis (or dildo) and position the nubbed portion of the ring to allow contact with the female clitoris during intercourse (upward for partners facing eachother). Gay partners will also enjoy the rings textured style  male partner will enjoy just as much added pleasure as the vibrations stimulate the prostate area as well.
  • This unit is water proof and can be used in the tub/shower/etc.
  • Tip: the deeper his penetration, the stronger the vibration fees on her clitoris.
  • The rings vibration will also be quite pleasurable to wearer, with the added benefit of prolonging intercourse!
  • Start the vibrator by pressing for 2-3 seconds on the power button located on the side of the ring, and press repeatedly to cycle through the vibration intensities and patterns (7 total) to find the most pleasurable one for you. Stop the unit by again pressing the power button for 2-3 seconds.
  • use toy cleaner or a gentle soap/water mix for cleaning before/after use.