FAQ's: Shipping -Order Tracking - Other Questions

When will my box ship?  How much?

Standard shipping is always FREE.  Expedited shipping is available for an extra fee at checkout. Boxes ship the same business day (M-F) if the order is received by 2 pm CST, or the next business day.  For smaller purchases, our shipping provider, Shipstation, provides the standard USPS shipping cost plus a small handling fee.

Order Confirmation Emails and Tracking

You will receive a confirmation email to verify receipt of your order. As soon as your item is picked up by the carrier (usually Fed Ex or USPS), you will receive an email providing you with a tracking number.  If you have concerns at any point, please email contact@novelerotics.com for further information.

Do you Bill and ship discreetly?

Shipping and Billing both reference NE.com.  No reference to adult themed products are made! You are billed when your products are shipped.

Can I return the box ?

YES.  See our returns policy for details.

I am gay, is there a novel for me and my partner?

All of our novels are just perfect for you, too - and we are working on a gay themed Novel with release expected in mid-late 2018.  Stay tuned!!!

How do you come up with the stories?

Our stories are a melting pot of personal experiences and creative license.  We occasionally look for erotic writings for our next storylines, and welcome contributions from talented authors.  Interested?   Know an erotic writer who fits our style?   Please contact us with a referral.

What makes Novel Erotics different/special?

We provide a sampling of adult themed toys in our novels, and package them in discreet, attractive storage.   Many people are uncomfortable going into adult stores, and struggle to select products, if they can overcome the embarrassment of choosing a toy in a really tacky package.  The storyline available in most novels provides some ideas on how to use the products and our website contains helpful suggestions and links to get your sexy on.  The book-style boxes look impressive as a gift and even better on your bookshelf.   

How do you pick your products?

We spend an embarrassing amount of time selecting fun products that aren’t too ‘out there’, but allow our customers to experience something new and different. The products usually inspire the development of the novel. 

We take great care to select products that are gentle on sensitive skin. Our vibrators are all made with high quality silicone, and we choose only high quality personal care products, such as lubes and massage oils, that do not contain irritants.  All personal care products are manufactured in the United States.

Can I customize a novel for my business or brand?

Novel Erotics is pleased to offer graphic design and procurement services for a novel that is perfect for your business or brand.  Minimum order quantities of 200 are necessary to create an economical order quantity.   Our custom novels allow a fantasy tailored to your brand.  Boxes are available as-is or packaged with a product collection, ready for retail.  Contact us for wholesale pricing and terms.

Do you send boxes for review?

We love to work with bloggers and other business owners who are interested in reviewing our products.   Please reach out to us at contact@novelerotics.com.