Sex Appeal - Its NOT about the Perfect Body... Five Smoking Hot Tips for your Sexiest Self

 Use these five tips about what your guy really thinks to change your perspective and help you have the sexiest summer ever!   

#1:  Confidence is the hottest thing ever

This is one area all women can take notes from the male species... How many guys mope around the house because they have a grey hair or an extra 5 pounds?  Not many.  They don't worry about imperfection - they just focus on living and being themselves- and that's what we love about them, isn't it?  Take note and be positive about who you are - Life is so much more appealing - and so are you -  when you don't focus on the imperfections. 

#2:  Take the initiative

We all have busy lives and its hard for women to put aside responsibility to relax and have fun with their mate.  Don't wait for your mate to make the first move.  Try setting aside time to decompress and enjoy each other.  Whether it is a quiet time at home, or arranging a date night or weekend away, your effort will be appreciated!  Of course, taking initiative can be as simple as suggesting an early bedtime for both of you (wink wink) or if you are a morning person, your mate will definitely appreciate an early wake up callfor some one on one time.

#3:  Talk Dirty

Whether you sext or whisper in his ear, most guys like to hear their girl talk a little nasty.  Give him a compliment on a body part, or something he did that really turned you on.  just telling him you want him is a great start!  And... See Tip #3!

#4:  Tell him what you want

Your guy is NOT a mind reader.  He does, however, LOVE to get lucky!  Most guys of a certain maturity will do exactly what you ask, to the best of their abilities, just to make sure they get to come back for more!  Make it fun for you!  Expressing your desires or something new you want to try also ranks pretty high in the dirty talk category!

#5:  You are one sexy thing

For Women, a lot of the enjoyment and enticement of sex comes between the ears.  Guys tend to be more visual, but that doesn't mean you need to be a supermodel to keep their attention.  Your guy loves you - and amazingly he does not see age, or the few pounds you complain about - he just sees a hot chick he wants to hook up with.  Seriously.   

What are you waiting for? Get your sexy on this summer!

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