Sensual Massage Tips for Couples

Here are a few things to consider when you offer your lover a massage - make it a memorable event following these suggestions.

Set your Space
Unless you have a massage table handy, you may be using your bed. Be prepared with an extra sheet to avoid oils (and potential stains) on your nicer sheets.
Set the Mood
Low lights or a candle and soft music create a sexy yet relaxed environment. Your partner may enjoy an eye mask/blindfold as well!
The Massage Oil:
We love the Earthly Body line of massage candles because of their natural ingredients and the jojoba/coconut/hemp oils absorb naturally in the skin during the massage.  Perfect for a great professional feeling massage touch, but without feeling oily afterwards - just wonderfully moisturized.  (our Rendezvous and Indulgence Novels include a massage candle).   Almond oil, Apricot Oil and Jojoba are highly recommended choices if you are choosing an oil.
The Technique:
Light your massage candle and pour a little into your hand.  It will be warm but not overly hot (Earthly Body candles melt just above 100 F). Use smooth long strokes with a medium pressure - too light of a touch can be frustrating, and too much can just be painful. Listen and watch your partner for cues.
Early in the massage, don't go straight for erogenous areas like nipples or genitals.  (just like foreplay- give them time to warm up!!) Focus on the back, arms and legs, with an occasional 'tease' on the inside of a thigh or around the chest area. Leave them wanting more for a bit...
Personally, I like it best when a massage is delivered mostly with two hands, in a symmetrical fashion. This may not always be possible if you are laying down with you partner, but do consider symmetry during your massage:  Don't massage one half the body and not the other - talk about a buzz kill!
Enjoy, relax and communicate.
You'll have your partner purring like a kitty in a catnip store in no time :). 

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