Sensation Play - Delivering Serious Excitement!!

This edition of Pillow Talk features a look at some of the sexiest gadgets in your erotic toolbox to use for sensation play.  Sensation play involves pleasuring a partner with any or all of their senses... including touch and feeling variations such as heat/cold, sharp/soft/hard, etc.

Don't have a toolbox with lots of toys to use yet? Not a problem! There are many things around the house that work great for sensation play - the smooth cool feeling of a satin sash, the gentle tickle of a feather, or whiskers brushing across sensitive skin. There are also plenty of 'toys' that are designed for amazing sensations.

Half the fun of sensation play is the element of surprise, so don't forget a blindfold or scarf to cover your partner's eyes.   Hot/cold is the most basic of sensations - almost everyone has used an ice cube in a sexy way.  Drip candles, like those in our 'Hotel Affair' Novel contain wax that has a very low melting point (beeswax), perfect for providing a very warm sensation as the wax is dripped on the skin, without leaving red/burn marks!

To use drip candles, light the wick, and hold the candle at least 6" away from the body.  The higher you hold the candle, the cooler the resulting wax will be on impact.  Dont' get to close - and remember, you are playing with fire, literally - so be prepared and be aware of your surroundings. Nothing ruins a good lovemaking session like singed hair or the fire alarm going off!  Drip candles are included in the Hotel Affair Novel.

The Wartenburg Pinwheel is a an amazing little tool that produces a very intense sensation - it looks like a mini pizza cutter with tiny spikes, and operates much the same way - without the cutting!!!  Rolling the wheel gently across the skin produces a sharp sensation that might resemble a knife - especially if the pinwheel is left in the freezer or ice bucket right before use. Available for Purchase Here - $11.50.


Light sensation play can be used to contrast a more intense activity, like spanking. Nothing feels better than a leather paddle that flips to a soft fur backing to sooth the skin.  Adam & Eve has one you can purchase here.

One last thing -- as in any intense, erotic play - make sure you are aware of your partner's comfort and that they are enjoying the experience. Verbal and non-verbal cues are key in creating an amazing experience for everyone!    

Until Next Time ... XOXO

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