Role Play: The Ultimate Seasoning to Spice Up Your Relationship

Try out some Role Play!

Sometimes, change is good.  Really good.  Why not change up your bedtime routine with a little costumery?  It doesn’t need to be Halloween to find some inspiration from the back of your closet, or to shop for that new wig and accessories!   In fact, Santa or one of his very naughty elves might be inspiration enough for you.  

Come sit on Santa's lap and tell me what you want for Christmas. Why don't you snuggle a bit longer with Santa?

Role play (and perhaps a basic costume) can help ease anxiety or embarrassment about trying something naughty and new with your partner.  Would you partner like you to take more control, but you aren't comfortable? Dress the part - black dress/high heels and stockings, or perhaps a police uniform.  Even a mask can be a great way to reduce inhibitions too.

Guys - Your Tango has a fantastic list of ideas for role play: here are a few of our favorites!

  • Show up as the home repairman or delivery guy (bring your own 'package'!).
  • Go start a fire your hose won't put out with our fireman costume.
  • Male escort. You are paid to do exactly what your 'client' wants.
For the ladies: has a wonderful list of suggestions for fantasies men have, and we've included a few of our own here!
Jasmine, the shy new addition to the harem is asked to perform a dance for her sultan. A jingly hip sash, finger zills and veil set the tone. (See our Arabian Nights Kit).

Natalya, the (ahem) ‘street savvy’ Russian woman who shows up in your husbands bedroom unannounced and looking for satisfaction.  Spikey black boots, a very short black dress and fishnets or other black stockings, and some faberge-era sparkly jewelry will start your look.   Top it off with long blonde hair, a faux fur hat, and a bottle of vodka!  Leather gloves also would be great for sensation play.

Gemma (AKA Sons of Anarchy) – the salty but very sexy long term biker chick will take your other half on quite a ride.  Break out the leather/jean jacket on top of a black tank top, red lipstick, tease up that hair, and find the biggest hoop earrings possible.    Have mercy on that man if you have leather pants, but tights will do juusst fine topped off with boots.   

The haplessly innocent French maid, Marie,  finds herself in quite the predicament when she  ‘accidentally’ wanders into the bath just as he steps out of the shower.  Lacy lingerie, fishnet stockings, red or black heels, a frilly apron, and don’t forget that duster – we doubt you’ll be doing much cleaning, but the feathers will be fantastic ticklers!  

So many ideas, and so little time! For more ideas and ready-made fantasies, shop our erotic gift sets and put the spice back in your marriage!

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