Product Spotlight - Earthly Body Massage Candles

One of our favorite finds for the Rendezvous Novel was the Earthly Body Massage Candle.   The candles are made of all natural ingredients, and our mini 2-oz size is perfectly packable for an impromptu overnighter!   Skinny Dip is one of their most popular scents  We love the softly sweet vanilla scent - and while I can't say for certain, there are several reviewers of the product who report increased attention from the opposite sex when they use the scent in lotion form....????

The candles can be lit and the warm oil used for a wonderful massage and double as moisturizer, even when cool.   Earthly Body candles are made with all natural ingredients, including hempseed oil, and are PETA certified.   What's not to love?  

You'll find the Earthly Body Massage Candle inside our Rendezvous and Indulgence Novels.

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