Lubricants 101: Selecting the Right Lube for the Job!

Take Sexy Time to the Next Level: Picking the Right Lubricant (Lube 101)

Lube may not always be a necessity, but when it is, selecting the right type can be a little daunting.  Silicone?   All natural?  Water based?  This primer will explain the options, and what formulations are recommended for the vajayjay, backdoor sex, your toys, etc.   Read on, young grasshopper..

Water Based Lubricants - A Great First Choice

Water based lubes are a great multipurpose option - if you pick only one, pick a high quality, all natural lube, like Wicked Sensual Care's Aqua brand.   This class of lubes is gentle on toys, and high quality ones are gentle on you as well (read more on quality below)!  Water based lubes also clean up easily - a quick rinse with water and a little soap will do the trick.

Taste the Rainbow - Flavored Lubes

Flavored Lubes like Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Pleasers line perform double duty:  they still perform wonderfully keeping friction at bay, but also make oral sex extra tasty!   At a recent rollout for the Novel Erotics product line, we had to replace the Wicked Salted Caramel and Candy Apple samples included in the Rendezvous Novel because everyone kept eating them. Sidebar: at a trade show recently, I had a few samples of JoLube's flavored offerings- including chocolate, served up on ice cream samples. And yes, they were delicious.

What's in my lube?  Do I care, as long as it works?

In the heat of the moment, you probably DON'T care, so plan ahead and select a lubricant that is as natural as possible.  it is a great practice to test any new lube on your inner forearm for adverse reactions, as many of us have sensitive skin.  We recommend lubes that are Parabens free - this compound is often used in cosmetics as a preservative and antibacterial agent.  While it is not so harsh in small quantities on the skin, the delicate linings in intimate areas are much more sensitive.  The Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Line used in our Novels is formulated with natural ingredients and is great for sensitive skin.   All natural oils, such a coconut, are also great for lubrication in a pinch- but ONLY IF you aren't using a condom, as the oil base can break them down. 

Silicone - a great choice for Anal Sex

Anal Sex requires even greater performance from your lube, and a thicker, long lasting gel is in order.  Note:  DO NOT skimp on lube application here! Water based lubes work OK here, but for longer lasting performance (who wants to re-apply every few minutes??!), use a lubricant containing silicone.  Silicone does not absorb into the body, so it stays put to provide maximum comfort for maximum pleasure.   Sounds great, right?  The 'catch' is that silicone lubes are not compatible with silicone toys, and the silicone base can stain fabrics, so you may want to put down bed sheets that aren't as special to you..

One more silicone bonus: It is also fantastic for that late night tryst in pool - it stays put and will not wash away.

Toy Friendly Lubes

If you have silicone intimate toys, please note:  Silicone lube and silicone toys generally don't get along.-- the silicone lube will gradually break down the toy materials, so water based lubes are generally recommended to avoid toy damage.g

Lube 201 - Advanced Options

Intimate care/lubricant manufacturers have been working overtime to give you even more pleasure enhancing options!   Warming lubes, lubes with cooling sensations, lubes with sensitizers to enhance her pleasure, relaxers for a more comfortable anal experience, lubes to help him last longer, staying harder, etc.   This is the subject of its own writeup, but be aware that if you can imagine it, the option probably exists!!!

Relax and enjoy!

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