Impact Play PART 2: Paddles, Floggers, and more fun!

So you've experienced erotic spanking, either as a giver or receiver, and so good.  The sensations and adrenaline rush have been great, but you'd like to try something different?  Let's spend a little time getting familiar with paddles and floggers.

Paddles come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  Perhaps you have enough life experience to remember your school Principal with the wood paddle - the one with the holes in it. Yep. That is not necessarily the sensation we all want to start with, is it??  The 'Evening Tea' Novel includes a basic paddle with a broad reach.  if you really want to go all out, a sensual teakwood version with soft rabbit fur on the opposite side is VERY nice as well!  Since these can be a little hard to come by, here is a 'SheBoptheShop' Special black paddle with a fur lining.

Although a toy just for the occasion is nice to buy, you can also find plenty of great materials around the house for paddling, such as wooden spoons, hair brushes, etc.  Psst - don't forget to discuss this with your partner ahead of time!  Consent and knowing what is pleasurable is key.

Floggers are the next step up the sensation ladder.  Floggers have a handle to grip, and a number of strands of leather, fabric, or cord, called 'falls'.  The more fals, the thicker the flogger and the heavier the sensation. Unlike paddles, its a bit harder to make your own, particularly if you are looking for a heavier sensation, so you will probably find these easier to purchase unless you are super crafty.  

Using a flogger is something that takes a bit of practice as well, but can be very pleasurable and relaxing, like a massage.  Typically, a starting point for flogging is your partner's back. Care should be taken when striking the back to avoid what is referred to as 'whip wrap'. The tips of the flogger are moving at the fastest speed, and if the flogger is not aimed properly, the tips impact shoulders and sides, creating marks or bruises, as well as being quite painful. Below is a cute and fun little lesson on basic flogging technique.  Ahoy! 

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