Back to School: Impact Play / Spanking 101

Spanking.. the most basic and easily implemented'kinky' maneuver, is also one of the most broadly fascinating.  I would venture that most young adults (and teens) have playfully spanked a friend or love interest - and who hasn't received at least one love swat here and there.  Lets spend a little time exploring some spanking basics.

Make no mistake - the sensual version of spanking has NOTHING to do with abuse.  It is an incredibly satisfying event if consensual.   There is also a technique to spanking -  an absolute art form when executed properly.  The great joy of spanking starts with one simple tool - a well placed hand.   Are you paying attention, class?

The perfect basic position for the hand is slightly cupped, with the target being the triangle area at the base of the buttocks and thighs.  Start with a more gentle impact - the cupped position of the hands will send vibrations through the genital area as well as the direct hit, which is very arousing for the receiver (aaand usually for the giver as well, but that is the subject of an entirely different blog).  Try alternating one more intense swat with lighter ones.  Periodically, perhaps every 10-15 taps, take a few moments to caress the area, and well, wherever your hands may wander.  Quite sexy, and lots of fun for all involved.  

Communication - even non verbal - is always important here :  listen for the reaction to the action - make sure those sighs and moans are the good kind!   The intensity can be built up as mutually desired.   

If the one you love is really into spanking, don't be surprised at a variety of reactions.  Fore example, some men keep a hard on throughout - some go soft... it doesn't mean they aren't enjoying it (rely on other communication some may to determine that!).   Some recipients may climax, and some may cry (a common form of release for some).  Just take it easy and advance gradually, and with a mutual agreement. 

Our final back-to-class topic this month will continue the spanking discussion,  and focus on other forms of impact play (paddles, whips, floggers, wooden spoons, oh my!). 

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