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 "Ummm... How do I use one of these?"

Today, we'll try to answer a few basic questions and provide you with some great resources to learn more.

How do I turn it on?

Since each style is a bit different, I'll focus on our bullet vibrators. A firm click  on the button at the base of the bullet will start the motor (once you've installed the AAA battery!) and subsequent clicks will increase the vibration intensity (3 levels) or activate varying patterns of vibration (7 settings).  To turn it off, hold down on the button for about 2 seconds.

Getting ready:  Now that you know how to turn on your vibrator, lets get ready for it to turn you on!  We suggest gently rinsing your new vibe with soap and water - you may want to take off the silicone sleeve and give the bullet a wipe down as well.  Make sure you have some water based lubricant to apply to the part of the bullet that will touch you - those vibrations transmit more evenly and pleasurably when moisture is present. 

Using it...

Now, lets get to the fun part!  Vibrators can be used in many places on your body to increase arousal - the sensitive areas of your breasts/nipples, your clitoris and the anal region. For men, vibrators around the prostate/anal region are also quite pleasurable, as well as the base, shaft and even tip of the penis!  

(Sidebar: For anatomy lessons and further explanations of why the clitoris makes you feel so darn good - this Planned Parenthood article will fill you in!)

Start on a lower setting, and slightly removed from your most sensitive areas, with a light touch. Starting directly on your most sensitive areas may be uncomfortable - not pleasurable!  Experiment and see what settings and position works well for you - everyone is a bit different in where the vibrations feel the best. 

You may choose to become aroused through foreplay with your partner or reading some erotica. The vibrator will heighten those sensations of arousal and when applied in that spot that's perfect for you - hopefully you'll see a few fireworks!   For more on what an orgasm feels like - check out this Bustle article.

Clean up - after you come down from your cloud of relaxation, don't forget to clean your toys and dry them off before storing them!

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