Back to Class: The Eroticism of Blindfolds/Masks


Not only are blindfolds generally pretty (well, ours are pretty great looking!), but blindfolds in general serve a sexy purpose.  Depriving yourself of one of the senses can heighten the others, as well as anticipation for your partner – which is sooo much fun for both of you!

Shy?   Want to try something new with your partner, but are embarrassed or nervous?  Blindfolding THEM can ease the tension for you.  Knowing they can’t watch your every move makes it so much easier to try that sexy position, or take charge of the bedroom games!  

Wait?  What's that you say?  You don't have a blindfold?  SURE you do!  Grab a scarf, a tie, or any ol' strip of cloth.  Silky materials, or anything that feels good on your skin is best! 

Removing the sense of sight heightens other sensations.  Light up the low temperature drip candles (included in Hotel Affair) as you try out the low temperature drip candles on a sensitive area.  Only you know what comes next…  A dripping ice cube?  A bullet vibrator in just the right spot... 

After all the fun and games, don't put that blindfold away!  Slide it on or tie it on and sleep in.  You deserve it.

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