Aqua Kink Review of Indulgence Novel

Tiffy at AquaKink is one of our favorite mermaids (we know several!!), and she was kind enough to do a refreshly honest review of the Indulgence Novel.  (Pssst. As a result, we now add a few bonus items including lubricant samples to this Novel).  Meanwhile, read on for an excerpt and product photos.

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The Contents

Whenever I think about boxes such as these that contain a mixture of curated items, I think about price first, contents second, and practicality. In other words, how likely am I to use these items?

  1. Luxuriously Soft Satin Eye Mask in Leopard Print with Accent Bow- I didn’t get the change to take a picture of them before giving to them to my mom, but I would still count this as an item I would use as I do like to use eye masks for sleeping or sensory deprivation during playing with a partner. While the Indulgence novel is about indulgence of the self, it can also be shared with a partner so you can get a good two for one with this eye mask. Is also very soft and silky, but I would suggest hand washing it as I am not too sure if it will survive more than one wash in the washing machine.
  1. Let’s Get Naked’ Bath Bomb- I didn’t get a chance to use this yet but like that it was included and look forward to having a nice bath with it. It has a nice pleasant smell which is sweet and almost reminds me of some type of Bath and Bodywork’s perfume from back in the day.

  1. Sandalwood Bubble Bath- I found myself using this as a body wash which gave me a nice lather. It has a sweet woodsy, slight musk undertone to it. Not musk in a bad way, similar to cologne. There’s 4oz of product which is enough to get more than one bubble bath or a couple of showers out of it. The smell slightly lingers, and I found it to be thoroughly cleansing. The scent was not my fave.

  1. Pink 10 Speed/Pattern Bullet Vibrator with Silicone Sleeve- Of course I used the vibrator and found that it gave decent vibrations. More so on the buzzy side, but still doable. While I mostly only used the first 3 patterns which where patterns of intensity, I could appreciate that it comes with patterns for some extra options and the silicone sleeve. I also liked the tactile feedback of the bullet and liked that I could press and hold it for 3 seconds to turn it off.

  1. Earthly Body Massage Candle- This item I liked allot and would re-purchase it in the future. It has a nice sweet scent and I like that it can be used as a massage oil, moisturizer, and candle. My only gripe about this candle is that I wish the wick was longer. Other than that, I got a couple uses out of it. I specifically enjoyed my partner dripping the melted onto my body and massaging it into my skin.

What I Like and What I Didn’t Like

The box the items are packaged in, looks like a book and doubles as a storage box as it can be closed and stays closed with a magnetic connection. In theory, it can be a great way to hide sex toys and accessories in plain sight. However, the back of the box kinda gives the secret away, as it tells of the contents that was once inside. Since I’m keeping my box, I’ll just put something over the back if I choose to place it somewhere where prying eyes may wonder.

I’m assuming that the Indulgence Novel Box is meant for those looking for some well needed alone time to pamper and take care of themselves, though it does encourage sharing the box with a special someone on the company website. Either way, I would have liked to see some sachets of lubricant and a small variety of condoms especially at the price point of $55.

I did feel the items where curated to the theme of the box and the items were practical. Meaning If I were to receive this as a gift or was purchasing it for myself, I am very likely to use the contents. I would also have liked to see some customization options and optional add-ons. Scent alternatives for the body wash would have been nice as it wasn’t a scent I particularly cared for. (Sandalwood) But that’s my personal opinion.

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